Below are the in-person and online programs that were presented by Printed Matter + EXILE Books for NADA Miami 2021.  

On the left hand side, you can watch documentation of four in-person programs and on the right hand side, you’ll find our online series of panel discussions, lectures, performances, and poetry readings.  

︎ In-Person

Wednesday, 12/01

PÒTOPRENS: The Urban Artists of Port-au-Prince,with Edouard Duval-Carrié, Andé Eugène, Leah Gordon, and Jean-Daniel Lafontant. Presented by Pioneer Works.

︎︎︎ This conversation celebrates the launch of the publication, PÒTOPRENS: The Urban Artists of Port-au-Prince, with artist and curator Edouard Duval-Carrié, artist André Eugène, curator and editor Leah Gordon, and moderated by special advisor to the project, oungan Jean-Daniel Lafontant.

Printed in both English and Haitian Kreyòl, PÒTOPRENS is a map-like reflection of the urban landscape and a new geography of popular production. The city of Port-au-Prince is a polyphonic metropolis that declares its past via multiple voices; in this volume, the city’s complex present is evoked through artworks, images, testimonies, and essays. These contents are organized around distinct zones of artistic production—urban neighborhoods identified with particular subjects, materials, and forms. Focusing on 14 of these areas’ exemplary artists, PÒTOPRENS mirrors the geography of the city that inspired it. 

Thursday, 12/02

Finding Islandia. Presented by Islandia Journal.

︎︎︎ Islandia Journal is a Miami-based print publication of myth, folklore, history, ecology, cryptozoology, and the paranormal. Publisher Jason Katz presents a taxonomy of all previous Islandias—ranging from a work of utopian fiction to a failed Panamanian resort—then making his way into the specific ecological history of The Lost City of Islandia, Florida. Decommissioned in 2012, Islandia consisted of 33 islands in South Biscayne Bay. Despite multiple efforts, Islandia became the focal point of a rare environmental success story with heroes such as Lancelot Jones. The presentation will be a trip into the past with lessons pertinent to all current South Florida residents, and those who seek to come here in the future.

Friday, 12/03

Radio LosSúm. Presented by Los Sumergidos.

︎︎︎ The second broadcast in a sporadic series of clandestine impromptu radio shows, Radio LosSúm pays homage to the exuberant sounds of Latin American music from the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Featuring original recordings from Cuba, Mexico, Brazil, and beyond, Radio LosSúm is a production of Los Sumergidos, an international collective based in New York and Mexico that specializes in nurturing, producing, and distributing photography-based art publications and related projects. Hosted by Carlos Loret de Mola, a submerging Cuban American art producer, Radio LosSúm is a music-based extension of the kinds of stories, aesthetics, and verve that inspire their practice.

Saturday, 12/04

A Reading of Douglas Turner Ward’s The Haitian Chronicles. Presented by

︎︎︎ Boo-Hooray presents A Reading of Douglas Turner Ward’s The Haitian Chronicles by Ron Bobb-Semple, followed by a brief discussion. The Haitian Chronicles is a brutal history of the Haitian Revolution told across 3 plays. The play reflects Ward's political project of satirizing, dramatizing, and revealing the structures of white supremacy throughout the history of this so-called civilization.

Douglas Turner Ward (1930-2021) was one of the central, driving forces of the Black Theater movement in the United States and was a co-founder of the Negro Ensemble Company (NEC). Ron Bobb-Semple began acting at the Theatre Guild in Guyana in 1969 and has since starred in plays by Ossie Davis, Joyce Sylvestre, August Wilson, and others as well as his one-person cultural and educational presentation, The Spirit of Marcus Garvey; he continues to act, direct, and produce today. Boo-Hooray proudly placed the Douglas Turner Ward Archive at Emory University’s Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives and Rare Book Library in 2017. The Archive includes many working drafts of the numerous plays Ward directed and wrote, manuscript materials, and correspondence with other icons of the Black Arts.

Please note this reading includes sensitive and graphic language.

Signings & Launches


T29    Launch of To Destroy Is To Build by Czar Kristoff. Presented by Bookdummypress.

T32    Launch of FLORINADA by 20 Artists. Presented by Spotz.

T05    Launch of There's A Knife In The Wall, by Patricia Voulgaris & Kyle Quinn. Presented by Raw Meat Collective.

T30   Launch and Signing of Figures by Lucas Blalock. Presented by Zolo Press.

T05    Launch of Museum of Modern Art in Porn by Kyle Quinn. Presented by Raw Meat Collective.

T25    Launch and Signing of Hello Future by Farah Al Qasimi. Presented by Capricious Publishing.

T32    Launch of PIX 016 by Peter Sutherland. Presented by Spotz.


Printed Matter    Launch and signing of Horses by Matt McCormick. Presented by Printed Matter, Inc.

T32   Launch of Shelter and Place by 30 Artists. Presented by Spotz.


Printed Matter    Launch of afila.si—Black Experience isn’t a Spectacle. Presented by Printed Matter, Inc and Anteism Books.

T20    Launch of The Banana Republican Recipe Book. Presented by Johannah Herr & Cara Marsh Sheffler.

T12    Launches of Written Names Fanzine #9: Names Written in Tar, Carpinteria, California and Written Names Fanzine #10: Names Written in Bicentennial SEPTA Trolleys, Windber, Pennsylvania by Alex Lukas. Presented by Written Names Fanzine.

T32    Launch of Twin Sisters by Melanie Hausberger and Stephanie Hausberger. Presented by Spotz.


T32   Launch of PIX 017 by Jessica Lehrman. Presented by Spotz.

︎ Online 

Paper Cuts Panel, with Caroline Kern, Kyle Quinn, and Paul Shortt. Presented by Christopher Kardambikis and Paper Cuts.

︎︎︎ This panel features Caroline Kern of Pegacorn Press, Kyle Quinn of Raw Meat Collective, and Paul Shortt of Shortt Editions, hosted by Christopher Kardambikis of Paper Cuts. The broad discussion touches upon the difficulties of publishing during the pandemic and the importance of care and friendship in the small press community. 

The Liquid Gates of Time, with Oscar Gardea Duarte, Ana Gabriela García, Kate Green, and Jesús A. Villalobos. Presented by Temblores Publicaciones.

︎︎︎ For more than a decade, XX members have made conceptual artworks by mining archives from Mexico’s Juárez border region. Faced with the dynamics of extreme violence on the northern border, how can we distort images that try to annihilate desert life? This program celebrates the launch of The Liquid Gates of Time, a catalog of the eponymous exhibition at the Rubin Center of the University of Texas in El Paso. Curator Kate Green, artist Oscar Gardea Duarte, and the editors of the book Ana García and Jesús Villalobos will discuss the process of making this publication, as well as engage a critique of the extractivist and violent nature of these carceral border institutions.

Come To My Window: 2. Presented by nico fontana.

︎︎︎ Come to my Window takes its name from the seminal lesbian anthem by Melissa Etheridge. Inspired by the ways in which a window can act as respite—a device for connection across thresholds. This collection of readings hosted by nico fontana features Lee Rae Walsh, Somnath Bhatt, Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, and Warren Jones.

Logostasis. Presented by Gato Negro Ediciones.

︎︎︎ Featuring Gato Negro Ediciones’s editorial collection, Logostasis, as point of departure, this experimental video acts as a filthy ritual into the uncanny realms of non-creativity. A visual and written essay surrounding their casual drifting and coexisting. With: Ricardo Pohlen, Isaac Olvera, Berke Gold, Andrea García Flores, Carmen Huízar,Juan Pablo López, Verónica Gerber Bicecci, Arturo Hernández Alcázar, Natalia Talavera, and Cinthya García Leyva.

like the delayed rays of a star: a conversation with Corinne Botz & Juli Carson, Heather M. O’Brien, and Yasmine Nachabe Taan. Presented by Seaton Street Press.

︎︎︎Seaton Street Press presents Heather M. O’Brien’s publication, like the delayed rays of a star, as a conversation with the book’s contributors, Yasmine Nachabe Taan, Juli Carson, and Corinne May Botz. Together, the discussants respond to O’Brien’s book, which contemplates the role of the gaze in photography while attempting to pierce the propaganda surrounding US-centric perceptions of Beirut. The book, Like the delayed rays of a star, questions the misplaced anxieties of what it means to grow up in a post-9/11 image landscape, to live and work in Lebanon, and give birth to one’s first child in Beirut on August 4th—the same day as the catastrophic 2020 Beirut explosion. By documenting a confluence of “perfume, smoke, fruit, flowers, baking bread, and exhaust fumes,” the book aims to confront a conditioned culture of fear by elevating sun-drenched portraits from O’Brien’s domestic space, which is explored in each contributor’s role within the publication and conversation. In moments charged by Beirut's 2019 rebellion, economic collapse, the pandemic, and the most recent 2020 blast, this work seeks to resist narrative tropes of a western gaze by asking us, "will there ever be another way to see Beirut?”

The Banana Republican Mixtape. Presented by Johannah Herr & Cara Marsh Sheffler.

︎︎︎ Are you getting enough potassium? Do you need an imperial pep in your step during your morning workout? We've got you covered for all your latter-day colonial commuter needs! Part audiobook, part sound collage, and entirely bananas, The Banana Republican Mixtape is a companion piece to Johannah Herr and Cara Marsh Sheffler's The Banana Republican Recipe Book. Featuring sound mixed by Frank and a reading of the book's introduction by Kelindah Bee Schuster, The Banana Republican Mixtape, will take you on a journey from the plantation to the kitchen counter and from coup to capitalism, all under the watchful eyes of United Fruit and Uncle Sam.