We've commissioned four new online projects by publishers Anteism Books, Hyperlink Press, TXTBooks, and artist Federico Pérez Villoro. These complex projects explore different possibilities of digitally native publishing through interactive websites, e-publications, games, and online archives. 

︎︎︎ Starting February 1, 2022, join us over the course of four consecutive Tuesdays at 6pm EST, for conversations about the creative development of these four projects. Register here for the live programs, and click here to visit our Youtube Channel where all programs will be archived and available to watch. 

Book Fell Into Ocean. Presented by TXTBooks.

︎︎︎ TXTbooks’ cargo vessel has been shipwrecked en route to Miami, spilling its books and artwork into the ocean. In this web-hosted game, you are the pilot of a Riso-drone: survey the wreckage and compile an ‘insurance damage report’ zine.

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Transparencia Index. Presented by Federico Pérez Villoro.

︎︎︎ This project consists of a custom-made software that automatically scrapes data from the Plataforma Nacional de Transparencia, a system through which people can request public information from the Mexican government. The software identifies existing requests associated with topics of common interest that were previously denied on the basis of containing information "classified" by authorities. This ever-increasing flow of unanswered civic concerns are organized as an interactive website that aims to register, through labyrinthine hyperlinks, the bureaucratic opacity and strategic silence of the country's administrative institutions.

Transparencia Index is a project by Federico Pérez Villoro. The web scraper and database was developed by Agnes Cameron with graphic and interaction design by Tiger Dingsun.

Este proyecto consiste en un programa computacional que extrae automáticamente datos de la Plataforma Nacional de Transparencia, un sistema por medio del cual las personas pueden solicitar información pública al gobierno mexicano. El programa identifica solicitudes asociadas con temas de interés común que fueron previamente negadas por contener información "clasificada" por las autoridades. Este flujo creciente de preocupaciones cívicas sin respuesta es organizado en un sitio web interactivo que busca registrar, en hipervínculos laberínticos, la opacidad burocrática y el silencio estratégico de las instituciones administrativas del país.

Transparencia Index es un proyecto de Federico Pérez Villoro. El web scraper y la base de datos fueron desarrollados por Agnes Cameron con diseño gráfico e interactivo de Tiger Dingsun.

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Towards the Emergence of Equitable Zine Fairs. Presented by Hyperlink Press.

︎︎︎ Towards the Emergence of Equitable Zine Fairs is a new, interactive webzine showcasing the work of 15 emerging zinemakers and meditating on questions of representation and access. Zine fairs and art book fairs often produce a scarcity model; paper, printing, funds, and relevant skills can be a hindrance to young artists, especially those working outside of the west. This project draws inspiration from the recent in-person Emergence Zine Fair in NYC, organized by Hyperlink Press and Yellow Pearls Zine, and offers an opportunity for DIY, emerging zinesters to present their work in a new online format. In place of the sometimes exorbitant pay-to-participate fair model, Hyperlink Press redistributes its commission fee to imagine and enact a system in which artists and zinemakers are paid-to-participate. In doing so, they ask: how much would change if artists and bookmakers were instead paid for their time, labor, and participation? Through the webzine, Hyperlink Press hopes to address the constraints and challenges of making zines, as well as celebrate the generosity and love fundamental to the zine community.

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︎ Watch a conversation between Hyperlink Press and Yellow Pearls Zine as they discuss the making of this project and zine fair strategies 

afila.si — Black Experience Isn’t a Spectacle. Presented by Anteism Books.

︎︎︎ afila.si [æfilæsi] is a collective digital library anchored in Afro-centered perspectives of history, with aims to fortify the accessibility of these cultural productions through extracted texts and fact-based notes about the othered. In 2020, afila.si organized an exhibition titled Black Experience isn’t a Spectacle, which explored the legacy of the voyeuristic gaze in visual representations of the Black body. For this special online project, afila.si revisits the context of the exhibition in creating a new online publication platform with interactive annotation features that can facilitate community discourse.

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︎ Watch a panel discussion about this project with curator Venessa Appiah, designer Jesse Katabarwa, and publisher Harley Smart