like the delayed rays of a star: a conversation with Corinne Botz & Juli Carson, Heather M. O’Brien, and Yasmine Nachabe Taan. Presented by Seaton Street Press.
Seaton Street Press presents Heather M. O’Brien’s publication, like the delayed rays of a star, as a conversation with the book’s contributors, Yasmine Nachabe Taan, Juli Carson, and Corinne May Botz. Together, the discussants respond to O’Brien’s book, which contemplates the role of the gaze in photography while attempting to pierce the propaganda surrounding US-centric perceptions of Beirut. In moments charged by Beirut's 2019 rebellion, economic collapse, the pandemic, and the most recent 2020 blast, this work seeks to resist narrative tropes of a western gaze by asking us, "will there ever be another way to see Beirut?”